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Video Production

1 / Concept development

We believe in strong concepts that inspirit the message of your brand. In the first phase of our creative process we begin by in-depth research about your brand, its message and the tone of voice. In a collective brainstorm session we come up with concepts and ideas, as well as draw inspiration from various artists, designers and already finished productions to see different ways of creative thinking. 
After this we develop a concept with multiple options for you to choose from. Together we decide which direction to take and are open for any input from the side of your brand. Once the concept is clear and approved, we are ready to start the pre-production stage.

2 / Pre production

In this phase we prepare everything that is needed for the shoot (as is previously discussed and shared with you in the concept phase), such as props, styling, casting, location and technical details. All of the details were already discussed together, so do not worry, we will prepare everything, from A to Z, and you can just sit back and relax.

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