Tales of the past, adventures of the present and ideas of the future: everybody who lives in or passes through the city plays a part in writing its history.

Rotterdam is full of these stories waiting to be shared, but currently has no place to showcase them. While working towards a new city museum, Hunted.Agency was given the honor to curate and create the pop-up exhibition Het verhaal van. In this vibrant and accessible show, the past and present are connected in a selection of highlights from Rotterdam’s city collection.

For Het verhaal van Hunted.Agency was responsible for curating, concept, design, production, campaign and marketing.
In a captivating fusion of art, technology, and history – an immersive interactive installation that breathes life into the iconic figure of Erasmus. The interactive installation reimagines Rotterdam’s renowned Erasmus statue as a dynamic, engaging entity that responds to the presence of passersby.

Overview exhibition 

Nine showcases, each corresponding to a letter in ‘Rotterdam’, illuminate pivotal themes from the city’s history. A piece of wood from the River Rotte’s dam, for example, which ensured the Rotta (the river’s former name) could grow into Rotterdam. Whale bones, a testament to Rotterdam’s wealth from whaling. 
‘So what does this gigantic city collection contain?’ you ask. Well, the answer is fascinating. There’s the oldest outdoor bronze statue, namely of Erasmus. Then, there is the largest collection of posters in the Netherlands, with over 50,000 examples. Notably, the ‘Clothing of Daily Life’ collection boasts 14,000 pieces – and your present outfit might even fit in there someday! These objects narrate not just the past but also the contemporary story of Rotterdam.

‘The Grand Opening’


Exhibition design

Creative directors:
Job Taks en Jeroen Ketting
Concept, production & design: Hunted.Agency Copy: Nina Swaep
Interactie design: Rnul interactive
Onderdeel van ‘Ook van jou!’
Opdrachtgever: Anouk Estourgie
Gemeente Rotterdam Tentoongestelde collectie: Archeologie Rotterdam (BOOR), Stadsarchief Rotterdam, Museum Rotterdam, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Bibliotheek Rotterdam, Monumenten Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam en vele anderen.
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