Purple Friday is the day to celebrate all genders and sexualities at school. By creating a two year strategy we started a movement, the purple Friday message stands stronger than ever before. A feel-good campaign combined with a sharp social strategy aims to create awareness for COC Nederland. We joined forces with Facebook Creative Shop to maximize our online strategy.


Digital design

Strategic campaign


COC Nederland

It is time to boost awareness and educate the new generation. Purple Friday stands for unity and celebrates all genders and sexualities.

Social activations! We created a Purple Friday filter on instagram to spread the message even further and make it more fun. Share your statement and support the Purple Friday by using our filter. 

We believe in role models & real stories. Ten youngsters shared their individual stories to spread the message about inclusivity and the struggles of being misunderstood. 

Besides that we created a movement of reveal reels where you can reveal your purple outfit and support the movement through social media. We collaborated with TikTok influencers.

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