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International city marketing campaign | We welcome Eurovision to Rotterdam with our own anthem, a dance challenge, fresh and diverse faces to spread the energy of our city. The best antidote to lockdown lameness is dancing! This feel-good campaign gets people swinging across physical boundaries. Rotterdam invites the world to join the fun and #SWINGALONG. 


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Rotterdam Partners

Let’s celebrate Eurovision. Rotterdam-style.

Case movie
A smart online social and out of home strategy to reach as much positive international (Belgium, France, UK & Germany) visibility for Rotterdam. By A/B testing and retargeting strategies, interested viewers are invited to join the dance challenge.

40+million views
100+ deliverables
4 countries

For this campaign, we’ve selected the best creatives of Rotterdam. David Vunk and De Likt are the musical masterminds who produced our catchy Rotterdam #SWINGALONG track. There is a club version of the track – now available on Spotify!

From Rotterdam to London
and from Paris to Antwerp

People are invited to join the online rave. The city is raw. The city is real. We are Rotterdam. Learn the moves and join the Rotterdam #SWINGALONG dance challenge!

Rotterdam #SWINGALONG is proudly presented by Hunted.Agency in collaboration with Rotterdam creatives, artists, musicians and filmmakers.

Swing yourself to Rotterdam!

Eurovision means big, bold and extraordinary. We rewarded our dancers with a massive projection on a Rotterdam skyscraper. 


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