Creative Services

We believe your brand should make a difference; combined with our targeted campaigns, vivid digital storytelling and a bit of feel-good advertising mixed in, we can be that match made in heaven.

Brand Development

We provide creative concepts, brand strategies & values for innovative brands. We get to the core of your brand.   From there we create memorable activations that will cover all your marketing elements. From design to web development to out of home media. Hunted delivers the whole shebang!

Strategic Campaigns

We create story-driven campaigns & outspoken commercials by matching numbers to our creativity. With a clear concept and a multi-year strategy, your brand will make an impact on your target audience. We’ll provide you with all the data, so you can decide which way to grow!

Digital Design

We design visual identities that speak for your brand. By combining ideas of designers and digital experts we redefine digital storytelling. We develop everything in-house, from identities, animations & design. In short: we take care of al your design assets so you can sit back and relax.

An agency that is build on independent creatives.

Our office is located in the center of Rotterdam and we believe in the power of independent creators. We work with scalable teams and always on the hunt for fresh & independent creatives in the fields of art, design, photography, videography. 


Visual Identity
Brand positioning


Strategic Campaigns
Webdesign & development
Video, photography & motion design


Ad strategy
Multi-year strategy 
360° brand visibility

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